Frequently Asked Questions

Are the materials in ChooBee® Dog Toys safe for my dog?

Our dog toys are made with FDA compliant materials, which are sourced from the USA.

Are any of the ChooBee® Dog Toys edible?

No, our ChooBee® toys are not edible.

Where are ChooBee® Dog Toys made?

All ChooBee® Dog Toys are made in Bay City, Michigan.

What ChooBee® should I buy for my power chewer?

We recommend the “Maxx” version, these are the most durable.

What ChooBee® should I buy for my dog who likes to play in the water?

We recommend the “Flexx” or Softee Soft™ version which are play toys that float.

My dog isn’t a power chewer but he does chew what ChooBee® should I buy?

We recommend the Tastee Choo™ which has real bacon and is for the medium chewer.

What size ChooBee® should I buy for my dog?

Our toys have the recommended dog weight/size included in the toy descriptions on the individual products page.

How long does the bacon flavor in the Tastee Choo™ last?

The bacon is infused into the material for long lasting bacon flavor.

I have a puppy that still has his baby teeth, which ChooBee® do you recommend?

We recommend our “Tastee Choo™” toys until after the puppy has lost their baby teeth. Our “Maxx” is a harder material which is not made for young puppies that have developing teeth. Our “Flexx” or “Softee Soft™” are softer materials that may pose a choking hazard.

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