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thank you from all our fur friends!


The power chewer pups love the maxx chews. They have learned to share but we just ordered a new supply for quiet times.

Stephanie F.

I got one of your Choobee toys called a Wheelee for my dog, she absolutely loves it as do I it’s the perfect size for her it’s shaped like a wheel so I can play with her. I put a few of her treats in the little holes and roll it across the floor for her to chase.

Thank you,

Stephanie and Daisy (the dog)

We are all very happy with our ChooBees. The dogs were so excited to have new toys and go back to them again and again. It amazes me how a piece of plastic is so popular, but the shape must be the key. Ordering was as simple as it could be and the fast shipping was great as well. We’re very happy!


MCG has always produced/molded us wonderful parts for our Company. Marty and Annette are pet lovers at heart they even have their own dogs with them at work. There is something calming about having pets around you to reduce the stress of work. Even better is having a dog occupied when you need some quiet time to think. The Mini Nubbee Flexx and the Wheelee Flexx are just the toys to keep any pet entertained. They are cleverly designed and made with a great material for durability. The toys are fun, challenging and sized for every dog breed.

Haleigh Verbowski

Every Dog Deserves A ChooBee
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